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Graduates receive access to the password protected members only Resource Centre.

  • Industry News
  • Online Forum
  • Staging Statistics
  • Press Room
  • Events
  • CSP M.O.R.E Marketing Program
  • Resources
  • Suppliers
  • and so much more!!


CSPs also get their very OWN staging weblog account! Post articles, staging information, company success stories and become the staging expert in your area!

Not sure what a weblog is? We have teleclasses to help! Step-by-step you can learn how to create and post to your own weblog account.


$350+ page Resource Manual

"I call the CSP™ Resource Manual, My Staging Bible!" Devin Khuu, CSP

What Can The Australian CSP™ Training Program Do For You?

Yes, There Is A Simple, Proven System To Start and /or BUILD Your Own Home Staging Business Without Having To Buy A Franchise…

Home Staging has been a successful industry in North America and Europe for over thirty years. The CSP training course has become a leader in its field in North America for providing excellent hands-on training and business skills. We have bought this tried and true method to Australia and believe this is the best way for you to create a great business with local Australian support and an international team that is continually working to provide the best tools and information available.

Becoming an Australian CSP™ staging consultant is an opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The CSP™ business model is based on personal direct sales and operates as a home-based business - without the need for retail space. However we do teach you how to develop a model for exponential growth with which you may decide to expand to outside space.

Also in September 2007 we launched a unique continuing education model - to establish a precedent for excellence within our own ranks and show leadership within the industry. With significant margins and the low overheads of a home-based business, you have the necessary elements for a profitable business and a powerful return on your investment.

With CSP™ membership, you can make your company what you want it to be...and we'll help you every step of the way! Because of the level of training and your affiliation with the largest and fastest growing network of home staging professionals, you will join hundreds of other consultants who have graduated from our program and achieved the status of preferred stagers in their communities.

Through the CSP™ training course you will gain the advanced skills needed to succeed and excel in the home staging industry. With our exclusive support network and the preferred accreditation of an Australian Certified Staging Professional™ you will have an advantage and market presence that no other training company offers.

We will teach you the practical knowledge of staging, along with our highly developed concepts in making a house more desirable to buyers, plus crucial business elements pertinent to your success.

We are expanding our network of home stagers in Australia and are looking for talented, business oriented individuals to grow with us. We invite you to learn more about the CSP™ concept -the system, the brand, the on-going support, and how you can use it to create your own valuable business.

The Most Important Aspect To Your Success Is Getting A Reliable,
Continuous Stream of Motivated Clients To Work With You

The great news is… you’re not born with these skills, they’re all learnt.
That’s what the CSP™ system is all about--using little known, yet proven marketing methods to attract clients and build trust. We will teach you how to target market, and develop a business model specialized to your needs and goals. Through a combination of hands-on training and classroom breakout sessions in consulting, preparing bids, pricing, colour, and staging vacants, you will learn the nuances of this industry. Plus, you will learn the tools needed to establish administrative and management policies.

Christine Rae

We are excited to announce that Christine Rae, founder, President and CEO of Certified Staging Professionals will be returning to Australia to teach the next course to be held in Sydney in June 2009!

Be one of the lucky participants to learn from the creator of this fantastic course. Meet, talk and be inspired by her knowledge and journey!


During the three day training course you will be educated by the most experienced and knowledgeable staging instructor in the industry, Christine Rae, President & CEO of Certified Staging Professionals™. Christine has real life experiences to share of what not to do, what to do and what works best - they save you time and money by not having to make mistakes. Christine will be assisted in Australia by Janne Petrie the Director of Australian Certified Staging and accredited CSPs..

The advantage you have with the CSP™ network is not only our top notch training program, but also our support system, and our code of conduct. We firmly believe in a system that provides long term support for the delegates in our network and to assist them in achieving their goals and sustain their practice. Because of the commitment to our Certified Staging Professionals™, all stagers within the CSP™ association are required to adhere to the CSP™ Code of Conduct, and to conduct your business practice in such a way that always protects and earns the respect of the client, the real estate industry, and the public at large


The certification process for knowledge and skill is completed in the evenings via two exams and partially through participation in class. Students must achieve 75% or higher to earn certification. CSP™ is setting the bar higher by expecting you to earn your designation. Students are always so proud and really feel exhilarated by their accomplishment when they are presented with a beautiful certificate and lapel pin.

Following the intensive three day start-up training, you will have access to online support. Our instructors are there to assist you and provide mentorship to answer questions and provide the solid foundation needed to ensure your success. In addition we provide apprenticeship, communication updates for business tools, promotional tools, business-building tactics, and training techniques – all available on our student resource centre and forum.

Other support tools include…

  • 350+ page Resource Manual – with continual updates provided
  • Refresher attendance at any location of CSP™ program for only $25.00 a day.
  • Brand advertising on and
  • Complimentary one year subscription to Four Personal Web Pages
  • One year membership in the CSP™ Association and RESA ( Real Estate Staging Association) valued at $250
  • Access to branded promotional materials: business cards, postcards, and note cards
  • Access to CSP™ preferred pricing privileges with major suppliers of paint as well as the unique marketing edge and use of CSP™ staging safe colours™
  • Powerful DVD marketing tool to provide to real estate agents and homeowners, “The Agents Edge™”
  • Acces to ready made PowerPoint presentations
  • Unique 56 page CSP™ room ready handbook for easy to present consultations
  • The CSP™ evaluation report – a client presentation package
  • The Seller’s Edge™ – a marketing DVD for you to use in your business
  • The Staging Standard Magazine™ – unique personalized magazine marketing tool
  • The Staging Standard E-News - bimonthly e-newsletter
  • Member only Forum- for online business information, help, encouragement and advice
  • Coffee News – Alumni Marketing Newsletter
  • Monthly updates – techniques, tips, ideas
  • Press releases and public relations in support of the brand
  • On going educational opportunities – teleconference and online learning
  • Free leads and opportunities to co-market at tradeshows
  • CSP™ Membership Advantage Card
  • Convention – learning, networking, fun and more…

As a graduate, you can capitalize on the unique power of the CSP™ brand with your business image, your marketing materials, and with your target market through our advertising reach. CSP™ has also secured name brand recognition by partnership and affiliation relationships to promote and support the CSP™ brand name i.e:

  • Ann Maurice House Doctor™

All of which you will benefit from by association. There are many services, products, and opportunities available through the CSP Association which truly differentiate the concept of home staging in the marketplace and will help you build a powerful support for your business.

The Standard Training Program: Get Started For $3,800 AUD.*
This is an intensive 3-day Training Course that teaches the CSP™ exclusive step-by step home staging business system, giving you the ‘how to’ knowledge necessary for operating a successful staging business. Within these three days we will teach you:

  • How to target market
  • How to develop a business model specialized to your needs and goals
  • The practical ‘nuts and bolts’ information
  • Administrative and management policies
  • The unique CSP™ 8-7-6-5 approach to great room design
  • Colour mapping and its application to outside and inside
  • Inventory Management and Control
  • PLUS much more AND you will have hands on experience staging a property that is either on the market or going on the market for sale
  • AND don’t forget the list of all the support tools previously mentioned that you will have access to as well

When you attend an Australian CSP™ course you will receive all the tools you need to get up and running as soon as you leave. Here is some of the exciting business and staging tools you will receive:

  • 5 exclusive CSP™ Room Ready Handbooks for consultations with clients,
  • 1pkg of 5 (CSP™ Evaluation Reports) and
  • Presentation folders for your agents and homeowners
  • CSP™ black tote bag to carry everything in, plus these additional staging tools…
  • A CD of forms to use in your business
  • 5 CSP™ Seller's Edge™ CD - tells homeowners about the staging process
  • 5 CSP™ Agent's Edge™ CD - tells agents about the service
  • 50 CSP™ Network Postcards for direct mail
  • 2 Large Gold CSP™ stickers, 200 CSP™ B&W stickers to use in your marketing promotions

PLUS these needed staging tools…

  • Hang & Level tool
  • Lifter & Slider combo
  • Wall Respecters
  • Heavy Duty Wall Hangers


  • your CSP™ Press Kit to help you secure media coverage,
  • your CSP™ Marketing Organizer to build your marketing plan,
  • and a CSP™ Portfolio to showcase your work when giving presentations.

* Prices and Fast Track content is subject to change due to quantities and discretion of the training provider.

  • Plus EXCLUSIVE BONUS: The Innovative "Success of Marketing Action Manual".
  • AND you will also receive Ann Maurice, TV House Doctor - Home Study Property Presentation DVD (Regular Price $US199) - when you sign up 1 month in advance!

"In this two-disk DVD set containing over 5 hours of essential viewing I share my tried and true home staging techniques with you. Take a room by room tour with me, assessing the property as we go along. Learn about colour, clutter and sublminal sensory stimulators. Whether you are a home owner looking for techniques for presenting your home for sale or are currently working as a Home Stager this guide is for you. It is not only a valuable tool for the beginner but also contains many innovative tips for the seasoned professional." Ann Maurice, TV House Doctor


Does This Seem Like A Little… Or a Lot To Pay?
Well… think about this…

  • Many franchises charge upwards of $5000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars for business start ups.
  • Real Estate Agents invest approximately $10,000 to start their business.
  • A start up website alone is worth $650 and then you have to pay search engines to find you as well.
  • RESA membership is $200
  • The price per hour for your training is less than what you will charge for your business services.
  • Access to professional tools for fast start up
  • No additional charges for use of resource business centre for one full year
  • There is no other training program that is committed to it’s stagers to actually require a test and provide a certification upon a successful completion of the test.
  • Where else can you find a stagers network that you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and belong to an association that provides long term ongoing support for graduates to ensure they are successful in the industry.
  • PLUS there is no on-going commitment of royalties or franchisee fees. And you will have a quick return on your investment by completing just a few jobs early after training.
  • The most recognized symbol of staging excellence is CSP

Wondering how other students are doing who have been through the CSP™ Home Staging Training and are now a part of the Real Estate Staging Association?

Here are the uncensored comments from others just like you, that are now Certified Staging Professionals™ actively working in the home staging business…

testimonial1 "As a colour consultant and professional organiser I could see that home staging would compliment these skills. I researched many courses and decided that the CSP Program offered the most in becoming a home stager and how to run my business. The course was intense and I liked that we had to pass an exam and that the certification wasn't just given to us - we had to prove that we understood and earnt it. Thanks for a great experience!"Jenelle Montgomerie, Sydney, NSW, Australia


testimonial3 “I can assure you when it comes to running a profitable staging business the information provided to CSP's is imperative and this information is totally lacking from other courses I have taken. Furthermore, after being in business for several years and talking with dozens and dozens of other women in this industry at national conventions redesign work is limited and does not pay the bills...that is why so many of us have gone into staging. For the price you pay, you get so much more information and connections being a CSP including preferred pricing with so many other companies and the list goes on. But also you get ongoing help throughout your career. They have an amazing resource center available to you to get you up and started including marketing materials, etc. As part of the training, a lot of the redesign principles of furniture layouts, lighting, color, etc are taught. After taking other programs out there, the CSP Program is without a doubt the path to success!”
Lisa L. Dickson
, CSP Youngstown, OH
testimonial3 “Go for it! If you are serious about staging then there is no other place to go. If you want the very best then CSP is the only real choice.”
Janet Raynor, CSP – Burlington, ON
testimonial3 “It is a very intensive, fast paced program. Be prepared for 12 hour + days as you cover a great deal of material. CSP has leading reputation in the industry. Do your research and beware that not all programs are equal in quality and the respect they receive within the industry.”
Lee-Ann Taras, Kingston, ON
staging testimonial “I found the course enjoyable, the content thorough and well-organized, and the presentation interesting and engaging. You made an impact on me on how viable and real this business opportunity is. I know for sure that I've got the bug and want to pursue a career in this field. The business model, defined processes and helpful forms and marketing tools provide a solid base for me to be able to step into this business and make it my own. I'm not sitting around wondering "now what do I do" I know what to do from the course. Thank you so very much.
I got my money's worth and then some.
The business model is clear and straightforward. The pricing is easy to grasp and use with confidence. The marketing tools are professional and I will be proud to have them represent me and my business. The processes are comprehensively explained such that I can internalize them and act upon them naturally.”

Carol Simpson, CSP – Richmond, BC
test As a staging realtor for 18+ years, I have attended more than one training class. Like the Realtors with staying power know, we constantly refresh our businesses with the next level of education to keep us ahead of what is going on in our industry. As a staging professional, I feel the
same way. Staging today is vastly different from when I took my first class. My previous trainings were Staging 101, a basic knowledge base, good enough then, but CSP is the CRS of staging…(only 4% of Realtors nationwide are CRS’-college level courses). CSP training has prepared me to take my real estate business to the next level yet again. Thanks CSP!
Terrylynn Fisher, Realtor, CSP – San Francisco, CA

Once you have seriously considered our program and agree that it is superior in the industry, complete the CSP™ registration forms and fax in to our office to secure your place in this powerful program. Or, if you prefer, you may send via snail mail with a check, and yes, the program is tax deductible.

NOTE: The CSP™ program is a privately owned business and while we understand life situations may change in between registering and attending we do need to have a cancellation policy and a rescheduling process.

After your first year in business, members are required to invest $US225 as an annual renewal payment of which is approximately $US3.85 per week This membership fee guarantees your four PWP web site will continue, and your directory listing will be maintained. It also assures you of continued access to the member only site, brand marketing support and the continuation of your certification, as well as access to all the preferred vendor pricing for your clients and the continuing education privilege We encourage you to plac for this when building your business plan.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQs

Need to talk? We invite you to call during our business hours 10am – 6pm AEST at 0437 2STAGE (0437 278243).

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Australian Certified Staging Professionals™ program. We look forward to working with you.



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