Home Staging Success: Four Ways to Improve Customer Service Today

Customer service is one of the most important components of every successful home staging business. The most profitable home stagers generate a significant portion of their new business through “word of mouth” referrals from satisfied customers – and the key to creating these satisfied customers is by providing exceptional service. But too often, customer service is talked about in a vague, non-specific way. What does great customer service really look like? Today, I’m going to share with you four specific, tangible actions you can take to improve your customer experience immediately.

1) Follow up without being asked. The next time you provide a service for a client, make a note to yourself to give them a call in a couple of days just to check in. It’s a simple act that will make a huge impact on your customers—simply because it is so unexpected. More often than not, the customer will report that everything is fine. But every once in a while, you’ll have the opportunity to troubleshoot a problem proactively, rather than forcing them to call you to complain.

2) Go the extra mile – and train your staff to do the same. “Going the extra mile” is somewhat of a cliché—but it simply means exceeding expectations. Whether that is filling out paperwork on behalf of your customer so that they don’t have to or going above and beyond what is required of you on a job, take every opportunity that you have to make your customers say “wow!”

3) Never say “no”—always have a solution. Make it your goal to always have a solution for your customers. If they have a request that you can’t fulfill, connect them with a trusted professional who can help. Even though it may not translate directly to money in your pocket, your customers will come to see you as someone who always has an answer—and that reputation is incredibly valuable.

4) Listen more than you talk. Make it a point to listen to your customers. Ask them about their concerns. Many business owners are constantly in “sales mode”—which is another way of saying “they never shut up!” Train yourself to listen more than you talk… your customers will appreciate it!

Questions, comments, or additional ideas? Feel free to get in touch with me today!


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