Mary Johnson CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Wasaga Beach, ON

Servicing: Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Clearview, Springwater and Tiny, ON

Additional Services: Colour consultations, Feng Shui, furniture and art placement aka "Staging for Living"

Phone: 705 429 4500 ext 226
Cell: 705 443 0220

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Using principles from the art and science of both modern staging and ancient feng shui, Mary's consultation and home showcasing services ensure that a time of transition is truly a MOVING experience.
Mary has been called "the ultimate diplomat", "house whisperer" and "UN-decorator" among other terms of endearment, and has been described as being intuitive, talented and best of all, effective. Her services help clients of Bruce Johnson RE/MAX (find their real estate team on social media @thehomehunt) to sell their homes faster and for more money by making sure potential buyers can visualize the home they aspire to own.

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What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a three-part process involving a professional staging consultation, the pre-listing prep work and finally, just prior to taking listing photos, the showcasing of your property's greatest assets. The result? The property sells faster and for a higher purchase price. The intangible benefit is also of great value -- your precious belongings are protected, your "extra stuff" is no longer dragging you down and you have shifted your energy both physically and emotionally.

Feng Shui Staging Services

Feng Shui Staging is what happens when the ancient art of placement and the modern science of marketing psychology meet. Buyers know instantly that your house just feels right.
When homeowners list their property with Bruce Johnson of RE/MAX of Wasaga Beach, Mary's staging consultation is complimentary.
In the 2-3 hour consultation, after meeting with the homeowners Mary goes through the property making detailed notes, which become points in a prioritized checklist for the homeowners to either do themselves or arrange to have completed by outside sources. Before any photos are taken for the MLS, websites or print ads, Mary comes in to do the showcasing. Using intuitive feng shui, modern design training and years of experience she arranges furniture, lighting, mirrors and art to best highlight the floor plan and architectural features of the property. In order to appeal to all the senses, lifestyle elements are often brought in to create a mood or feeling that nudges potential buyers to imagine themselves living there - and loving it.
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Services & Pricing

1) Staging Consultation: $300 or FREE if listed with Bruce Johnson or contracting Mary's showcasing services.
2) Homeowner Work: This valuable investment depends on the available budget of time, energy and money. After 20 years in the field plus renovating three properties and building their own home, Bruce and Mary can make recommendations for service professionals with confidence.
3) Showcasing: Quotes typically range between $500-$1500 and depend mainly on a formula using cost per square footage.

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If you live in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood or surrounding areas and do not have a Realtor yet, contact Bruce Johnson by emailing or calling 705-429-4500 ext. 226 or TOLL-FREE at 1-888-741-8888.

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