Maura Laverty
Staging Consultant

Located In: San Diego, CA

Servicing: San Diego

Additional Services: *Home Staging *Refreshing Living Space *Helping to select appropriate clothing that will best suit you

Cell: 619 368 6400

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My name is Maura Laverty. I am a CSP-certified home stager. I have the skills to help present your home to buyers in the best possible light. The result is your home will be more appealing to potential buyers and will sell faster and at the best price possible. Just contact me at Laverty Designs for this and other home and personal style expertise.

My experience has been with occupied and vacant properties. Recently I staged a vacant property on Wednesday, it was photographed on Thursday, listed on Friday and sold on Monday!!! Because the property photographed so well after being staged, 30 visitors showed up at the 2 Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday. There were 7 offers during those two days. The selling price was $6K over the asking price. It was so exciting for everyone involved ... especially the seller! I'd love to help you sell your property, too. Just let me know when you're ready for my help!

Your home is among your biggest investments. When ready to sell it, your best ROI (Return On Investment) is staging. Of the 17 properties I staged over the last year, all sold within two weeks except for two properties that were overpriced initially but the owners were unwilling to adjust the price as suggested by the Real Estate Agent. Once they did, it sold quickly. It's a great record and I expect it to continue. I can't take all the credit. Working with Real Estate Agents that know how to price the properties appropriately and prepare them well is most important. Staging them has been a great contributor. Then professional photographers have presented the properties well online. That's where the buying process starts. If the buyers aren't impressed with what they see they won't move forward. You can't underestimate the significance of staging and photography in the success of selling in today's market.

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