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Angela Jenkins

Q. Everyone's definition of success is different; what does being successful mean to you?

A. I found a career that doesn't feel like work. Bringing satisfaction to clients and receiving gratification for the creativity and passion put into the work I do, is such an important accomplishment.
That to me is success.

Q. What do you feel is you or your company's biggest achievement since taking the CSP Course?

A. It is great watching the business grow. I started without any contacts or portfolio and staging was an entirely new market to tap into in my area. Four years later, I work with a handful of respected agents and offer other services such as colour and design for homeowners. Being a CSP helped achieve the position of being the editor of our local SPACES home decor magazine. Myself and the business are being recognized in the industry and the magazine allows me to write articles on staging, showcase photos and have other area CSP's advertise.

Q. What did you do before embarking on the life of a Certified Staging Professional?

A. Before becoming a CSP, I was a chain department coordinator and account manager. I worked in a 9-5 cubicle for a corporate company. I was responsible for ordering new kitchen packages for chain restaurants; from reading the CAD drawings, ordering kitchen equipment and working with construction managers. I was also responsible for the department and staffing. It was detailed, faced paced and challenging but It was lacking creativity and flexibility. However, the experience allowed me to bring forward skills from this position to my staging business.

Q. What did your friends or family think about your decision of starting a staging business?

A. Of course they were very excited and knew I should be doing something creative. I think I had more reservation than them because I was used to a steady income and this was taking a leap.
Apparently, taking a leap was what most of my friends and family wished they did in their lives.

Q. If you could give advice to someone considering entering the staging industry what would it be?

A. Do your research first. Talk to other stagers and ask them honest questions. Set up meetings with real estate agents and see how they feel about staging and if they would utilize your services. Include this research in your business plan.

Q. If you could give advice to a Certified Staging Professional who hasn't quite made it to "success" yet, what would you tell them?

A. It will come. The old cliche' of 'good things come to those who wait' is true. Work hard, network and continue to believe in yourself and your business. One day you will wake up and realize it was all worth it.

Q. What would you tell a potential student as the BEST thing about being a CSP is?

A. The CSP Association has allowed me to define myself as being a professional in a vital industry. I would have found it more difficult to sell myself and the business in such a new market without the use of the designation, the experience and statistics that stands behind the name and the ability to have this information and website profile at my fingertips.

Name: Angela Jenkins
Company Name: Reviving Design
CSP Since: 2008
Address: 4409 Gilroy Crescent. Brockville, ON. K6V 5T4
Phone: 613-213-4592
Website: http://www.revivingdesign.com
Email: Email Angela

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