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Builders– Understand the importance of home staging.

Builders with property in its final stages of development are hiring stagers to prepare the new house as if someone already lives there – they are hiring CSP™’s with the skills, knowledge and abilities to turn the shell of a house into a vision of a home.

Hiring a CSP™ is the final step a builder needs to turn the FOR SALE sign into SOLD sooner rather than later. Statistics show vacant houses sell almost 80% faster when they are showcased with furniture.

Many CSP™’s have their own inventory – with home staging they can illustrate to potential buyers the lifestyle they would be buying when they purchase the property.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. One builder recently saved $15,000 on the usual fee he paid to an interior designer by using a stager. Many interior designers make commission on the furniture they sell, so naturally more furniture goes into the property. By scaling back the furniture homebuyers are able to see the space they are buying and not fixate about all the beautiful things.

Most people when they purchase a new home don’t have the luxury of buying all new furniture. It is important the lifestyle showcased in the new house is something they can relate to, otherwise you may miss the sale.

Another important factor in building a house is getting it sold quickly so you can realise your maximum profit potential, a vacant property is costing you money at the bank. Staging makes perfect sense. Stage before your first open house – and secure offers right away.

Hiring a CSP™ to showcase your property is a small investment in getting the FOR SALE sign to SOLD.

Call now – 1-888-782-4464 – or Find a CSP™ in the CSP Directory of home stagers.

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